A new way for agents to connect with travellers

TRAVEL Agent Finder (TAF) is offering a new way for destination specialists to reach travellers, with the Australia-based online platform currently generating around 300 new client leads for agents per month.

The recent launch of destination features has helped drive the platform’s growth, providing destination information for travellers as well as links to agents’ own experiences and a strong call-to-action at the bottom of the page, which lists the certified specialists for that destination.

“It’s been a great way to drive people to the site to read about an experience and then connect with that agent who wrote the page or who created the blog or the offer,” TAF Owner and Operator Anna Shannon told travelBulletin.

Live on the TAF website now, the first destination feature shines a spotlight on Western Australia, with Hong Kong next in the pipeline and other destinations to follow shortly.

“It’s important to me to really build out some more of these destination pages because I think it’s such a great way for tourism boards to be able to leverage those agents who have taken the time to do their training and become a Certified Specialist,” Shannon said.

She added that “it’s also another way for a destination to be featured on what otherwise might be a site that’s just about finding a travel agent”.

Agents can create a free profile on TAF, which allows them to pick three specialist categories, list their phone number, and display their credentials.

“It was important to me to keep it free for them to join in order to attract a good range of agents to the site for consumers but also in order to help agents market themselves and rebuild their business,” Shannon explained.

Within the agent login area of the platform, agents are also able to access a trade directory to help them connect with suppliers. Shannon said the database is particularly helpful to independent agents who are just starting out, or returning to the industry after an extended break and are looking for resources and partners.

There is also a paid profile option, which offers agents additional features to boost their visibility, including the ability to choose 10 specialist categories to list under, display their website, add blogs and photo albums to showcase their experience, promote special offers, and more.

Agents who are interested in finding out more can click here or contact Anna Shannon at [email protected].

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