CLIA View for January

We have an opportunity to show what we can do when we apply our combined strengths to other defining challenges around us.

Joel Katz, Managing Director, CLIA Australasia

Cruising is united on a path to net zero

By Joel Katz, Managing Director, CLIA Australasia

The cruise industry has been on quite a journey over the last few years, and we can all be proud of the way our cruise community has responded.

We’re now closer and more connected than ever, and able to face the future with new levels of confidence. Through our response to the pandemic, we have shown what we are capable of when we unite as a truly global community.

Now, we have an opportunity to show what we can do when we apply our combined strengths to other defining challenges around us.

As I explained at the inaugural GreenPort Congress Oceania in Newcastle this month, over the coming years and decades we will be defined not just by our health commitments but also by the technology and investments we deploy in response to much bigger challenges related to environmental sustainability.

Our cruise lines have already made a great deal of progress on this front and are determined to advance further.

CLIA members are pursuing net zero carbon cruising globally by 2050, giving our industry a clear and strong goal which will build on progress already underway and translate directly into investment in the technological solutions needed to achieve more.

This commitment is supported by three pillars:

  1. The first is sustainable transportation – the decarbonisation of ships’ emissions related to its propulsion. Here, cruise lines are leading the way in investing in new ships, new technology and new alternative fuels.
  2. The second is sustainable technology onboard our ships. This is an area where cruise lines already excel, particularly around areas like reducing waste, recycling, and implementing circular economy principles.
  3. The third pillar is sustainable destination management. This is where our industry is working with communities on shore, to promote sustainable tourism practices and provide models for positive destination stewardship.

The challenges involved in achieving our goals are huge. But our industry is back. We are stronger. We have proven how resilient we are and how receptive to change our industry and our community can be.

We are sailing back better than ever, and the advances we are making today will only accelerate in the future.

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