Wonderful Nantong: culture, history, and nature, in one incredible destination

For clients looking for the perfect autumn and winter travel destination, look no further than Nantong.
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With a beautiful synergy of rich history, vibrant culture, modern technology, and beautiful nature, this Chinese region has something for everyone. Nantong transforms in the cooler months as the trees change colour in this charming destination, transporting visitors into a beautiful dream-like realm. Help your clients experience the best of Nantong with this thoughtful itinerary.

Day one

A visit to Dreaming Island (Zhouji Menghuandao) is the perfect way to kick off an autumn and winter trip to Nantong. Here visitors can get a glimpse of the incredible natural beauty in the large Jiangdao Botanical Garden which features a huge array of plants and man-made landforms.

Nantong Forest Safari Park

In the afternoon, travellers can head to Nantong Forest Safari Park, home to over 300 species of animals from around the world. Here they can spot travel through the zoo by foot, car, or even boat, spotting flamingos, white lions, giraffes, zebras and more. Visitors can even have close interactions with cute animals such as rabbits.

Overnight, stay within the zoo at the Nantong Sendi Tribe Treehouse.

Day two

Day two should feature a visit to the incredible Sendi Snow Park, where a “total mobilisation of ice and snow” spans over 50,000 square metres, with entertainment, recreation and leisure zones.

In the afternoon, explore Nantong Museum, the first public museum founded by Chinese people, then visit the Langshan Mountain scenic area. This viewing area is at the top of Langshan Mountain, one of eight famous Buddhist mountains in China, and overlooks the beautiful Yangtze River.

Clockwise from top right: Sendi Snow Park, Langshan Mountain scenic area, Haohe River scenic area, Nantong Museum

In the evening, a boat trip to the Haohe River Scenic Area is the perfect way to take in the bright lights and nighttime scenery of the city. This well preserved ancient moat surrounds the ancient city known as “China’s first modern city”.

For the second night, a stay at Nantong Beehive Garden Home is a great way to enjoy the slow life in the city at this thematic lodging.

Day three

Travellers can experience Nantong’s incredible food and culture on the third day. Starting the day with a visit to Rugao and the Shuihui Garden which was built in the late Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), and served as a secluded home for Dong Xiaowan, one of the Eight Beauties of the Qinhuai River, and Mao Pijiang, one of the Four Gentleman of the late Ming Dynasty,

Top: Shuihui Garden Bottom: Rudong Xiaoyangkou Resort

In the afternoon, guests can dine at Rudong Xiaoyangkou Resort to enjoy the flavour of the South Yellow Sea and taste delicious seafood, before spending the evening winding down in the hot springs of the Zhouyi Hot Spring Hotel.

Day four

A trip to TANG WORLD is a must for any visitor to Nantong. Here travellers can have a fully immersive experience of Tang Dynasty, including enjoying delicacies, dance, operas, and dressing up in Tang Dynasty costumes.

Tang World

To experience the traditional Chinese residential atmosphere of Nantong, visitors should spend the afternoon in Haimen Changle Town, in Zhang Jian Hometown Scenic Area. Plus, no trip to Nantong is complete without a visit to the world’s largest professional bedding market – China Dieshiqiao International Home Textiles, for one-stop shopping for bedding. What a souvenir to take home!

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