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A coastal province of China, Jiangsu is a destination rich in culture and history. Each May and June, the province comes to life with a focus on museums and cultural venues, making it a great time to visit. Below are some of the best things to do while in Jiangsu.
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Grand Bao’en Temple Heritage and Scenic Area · Awe of the Buddha

The Grand Bao’en Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China and was the center of Buddhism in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its beautiful Porcelain Tower was declared “the No. 1 pagoda in the world” by Emperor Yongle and was also recorded as one of the seven wonders of the medieval world by Western missionaries. According to a document, relics of the Buddha were kept at the temple seven times throughout history.

The Grand Bao’en Temple was unfortunately destroyed in the war, and later rebuilt on the original site. The reconstructed Grand Bao’en Temple Heritage and Scenic Area is now a protected exhibit, featuring the thousand-year-old underground palace and precious gallery in the ruins of the Grand Bao’en Temple. The exhibit also holds world-class national treasures that have been excavated from the underground palace, such as stone and iron caskets, the gilded Ashoka pagoda with seven treasures, and golden and silver coffins – which are classed as “China’s Top Ten New Archaeological Discoveries”.

Featured Experiences:

  • The live-action performance “Grand Bao’en” with the theme of requital, with integrated sound, light, and shadows. The performance tells three stories: Zhu Di building a pagoda to repay the favor, Xuanzang’s pilgrimage for scriptures and the translation of scriptures, and Buddha’s enlightenment. This vivid performance is a visual feast for the eyes.
  • Spring Festival Lantern Fair: Every year during the Spring Festival, the Grand Bao’en Temple Heritage and Scenic Area is surrounded by beautiful colours and lights. People flock to the region to celebrate the lunar new year with traditional customs including all kinds of lanterns, ringing the bell to attract blessings, copying the scriptures and the character “fortune”, and making wishes with lotus lanterns.
Address: No.1 Yuhua Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing
Ticket: 90 CNY
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Grand Ban’en Temple

Xiang Yu’s Former Residence · Volatile Days of Chu and Han

Xiang Yu’s former residence and birthplace, is also known as “Wutong Lane”. He was the Overlord of Western Chu and the leader during the famous historical event between Chu and Han in China. At that time, he left his Wutong Lane home and raised the righteous banner, defeating the Qin soldiers, and showing the people his unsurpassed power and prestige. Although he was defeated at the end of the war in Gaixia, his courageous and heroic spirit is still admired by later generations.

Xiang Yu’s Former residence

Xiang Yu’s former residence, which imitates the Han style, will instantly take visitors back to the days of the Western Chu, with images of banners and beacons in front of their eyes. Looking up at the ancient acacia said to be planted by Xiang Yu, it is still green and robust even after more than 2,000 years. Here, visitors can feel the long-lasting and reassuring atmosphere of life. While visiting the historical site and remembering the past, performances such as Chu Chinese Clothing show, Chu Dancing, and a performance of the ancient music of Western Chu will take travellers back a thousand years, and allowing them to experience the simplicity and romance of Western Chu.

Featured Experiences:

  • Family Feast in Xiang Yu’s Mansion: In this feast there are many dishes named after historical stories, including Xiongbatianxia, Zhongwuyuge, and Longfengtianpei. Each dish has abundant cultural connotations, allowing guest to not only taste the food, but also the culture of Western Chu.
  • Wear Chu Clothes: Visitors can take a walk among the ancient architecture dressed in costumes of Chu style. Whether it is for taking photos or experiencing the ancient leisure activities such as guqin, incense burning, the pitch-pot (touhu) game, and archery, the experience will definitely create the charm of Western Chu.
Address: No.288, Huanghe South Road, Sucheng District, Suqian
Tickets: 80 CNY
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00


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