Star Power

In today’s world, celebrities hold an enormous amount of sway. A dress worn by Kate Middleton is sold out in a matter of seconds, as happened to the £159 Reiss “Nanette’ dress that she wore for her official engagement picture back in 2011, and

Leading the Way

THE days of the travel industry being dominated by a ‘boy’s club’ are long gone. Women are on the rise right across the sector, from travel agents to suppliers and everywhere in between. Nathalie Craig spoke to five industry leaders about their

Money can't buy happiness…

The 2016 Travel Daily/travelBulletin industry salary survey has uncovered some intriguing trends across the different sectors of the travel industry – including the perhaps not-so-surprising finding that higher pay doesn’t necessarily equate to h

Space the final frontier

by Steve JonesIN APRIL 1961, Russian pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first person to experience that ultimate of birds’ eye views. On board the spacecraft Vostok 1, he peered down on planet Earth from the dark void of space

The state of domestic tourism

Domestic tourism is playing a large part in reaching the government's 2020 goal of $115 billion in overnight visitor spending. And clearly there are some big dollars at play, so how are bricks and mortar agents going at capturing their share? Stev

Helloworld, this is Andrew Burnes

Andrew and Cinzia Burnes have taken the reins of Helloworld, with shareholders voting in favour of the merger between the Burnes’ AOT Group and Helloworld. In his first major interview since becoming CEO Andrew Burnes gives an insight into the rati