Travel Daily has continued to roll out it’s Travel Daily Training Academy product, with a range of options to suit suppliers and tourism boards of all sizes.

In the new world we live in, with the travel industry undergoing significant changes, it’s just as important to communicate the details and benefits of suppliers’ and tourism boards’ offers than ever before. But with shrinking budgets and ongoing market uncertainty, there are a number of challenges to overcome.

In response to this, Travel Daily has developed the Travel Daily Training Academy, to help effectively market suppliers’ and tourism boards’ products at the fraction of the cost of a BDM and with more impact than a one-off event.

The Travel Daily Training Academy offers a cost-effective way to connect with sellers and remain front of mind. The Academy means suppliers and tourism boards can make sure the trade is equipped and ready to sell when the time is right. Hosted and bespoke education options are available, with the learning platform including quizzes to test participants’ knowledge, along with optional incentives and rewards to encourage registrations.

A number of suppliers and tourism boards have taken up training through the Travel Daily Training Academy including Tourism Authority of Thailand, Austrian National Tourist Office, and Malaysia Tourism and Malaysian Airlines.

If you’re interested in how this training solution can help you, email [email protected] for a detailed introduction pack.

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