TravelManagers Australia has 595 personal travel managers across Australia running their own travel businesses. We spoke to one, Jane Fowler, about what a typical day looks like for her.

Jane Fowler joined TravelManagers as a personal travel manager in 2007 and runs a highly successful travel business.

“TravelManagers affords me the ultimate work/life balance – doing what I love and spending time with the people I love,” said Fowler.

“I can help at my children’s school and go to all the assemblies, open classrooms, do all the afternoon activities as well as taking the kids away on holiday when it suits. I cannot imagine having the support for this lifestyle with any other company and this is what an average day can look like for me.”


Time to get up and have a bit of quiet time before the kids wake up. Make a cup of tea and catch up on what’s happening on social media.


By now the kids are up and it is full on mum mode for the next hour before walking out the door to drop the kids at school.

On the way back from school I fit in the little ‘jobs’. Grab the mail, milk and bread. Post some docs and stock up on stationary supplies.


A client meeting at a local coffee shop to discuss their trip to South America – flights, accommodation, tours and visa requirements.


Back to my desk in my home office ready to start consulting. I spend the first part going through emails and prioritising my work for the day. Seeing who has responded to emails or phone calls and adding to my to do list before getting stuck into the South America itinerary just discussed with my clients.


Lunch time – if possible, I spend with my husband before he heads off to work (can be the only time we get to catch up without the kids). This is also my time for networking my business and following up my involvement with the local Chamber of Commerce.


This is a good time to head back to my office or catch up with a supplier or other personal travel managers in my local are. I work on any documentation or research for new enquiries.


It is time to go and pick up the kids for all their afternoon activities including netball, soccer or whatever is in season!


Kids are working on their homework which gives me a good opportunity to catch up on emails. If I have been out at meetings or travel appointments or something for the kids during the day then I know I can do a little bit of work after the kids have gone to bed but I try to keep this to a minimum and concentrate on having my own time.


Dinner time! As my husband is at work this is the time I catch up on the kids’ day at school, what we have on for the next day or the rest of the week. After dinner it’s family TV time.


It’s time to get the kids off to bed! This can be dragged out until 9pm because they can get hungry or need water or have forgotten to get something out of their bag or tell me something that simply cannot wait until tomorrow!!


The house is finally quiet and I have time to sort out the clothes for the next day, put the washing on, clean the kitchen, fold any laundry, hang the washing out, make the school lunches and make sure we are all organised for the next day. I’ll do one last check on existing client files before creating my to do list for the next day.


Finally time for me to watch TV or read a book.


Normally wait up for my husband to come home from work so we can chat about our day and the kids’ day, unless I have already fallen asleep!

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