Suki combines thousands of tours, river cruises and ocean cruises from all the leading operators around the world into one place, so travel advisors can search through them to find what they need…really, really quickly.

Super easy to search through and fully branded to each individual advisor and agency, Suki can be used by you as research tool or directly with your clients, giving you the ease of being able to swing your monitor around.

Forward thinking travel agencies and consortia in Australia are using this quiet period to evaluate their businesses models, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and thinking about how they can improve their service levels to all current and prospective future clients.

“We developed Suki because we see a bright future for travel advisors in our industry. To build a flourishing and successful travel advisor community – it’s all about pairing great tech with great travel advisors,”  said Campbell Harris, Suki CEO.

Suki can save all travel advisors that sell tours and cruises hundreds of hours every year, and at the same time provide their clients with trips better suited to their requirements.

Suki provides every travel advisor with content rich travel itineraries, prices & availability for over 10,000 tours, river cruises & ocean cruises from the world’s leading operators (see picture above).

“Those advisors still dedicated to the travel industry and wanting to move ahead with their careers need to embrace all technologies that help them to be better at what they do. No advisor can be an expert in everything, but blending your experience with technology can save you hundreds of hours, leaving you more time to get those complex bookings across the line,” Harris said.

That attitude has been the overriding ethos in designing Suki – what can the company create that benefits advisors, agency owners and Operators too? The Suki team hopes they got it right because they have lots of ideas to push Suki even further if they get the support from the industry. Only time will tell.

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