Searching for wifi overseas can be quite an ordeal, especially when you’re lost or need it quick, and no-one really wants to use their data and incur those outrageous overseas usage charges.

This can mean we find our location being dictated by where there is strong free Wi-Fi (think the touristy areas with a Starbucks or McDonalds), instead of immersing ourselves in the local stores or hidden gems in cities.

Enter WiFi Map, a fantastic app with a database of over 120 million free Wi-Fi hotspots, all over the world. The crowdsourced app allows users to add, update and comment on the quality of individual WiFi hotspots based on personal experience. It also means that the hotspots are not just in the big cities of the world but also the small towns, villages and remote areas.

Its creators believe that internet has become a basic human right, and want to give everyone access to it, wherever you are.

So how does it work? By harnessing the power of the sharing economy, users add new WiFi locations as well as any extra information such as passwords or quirks with the network.

The community of users can then access these networks, comment on the quality, and update any details that may have changed.

The hot-spots can be viewed on the map or in a list form, with passwords and details clearly displayed. It also tracks which hotspots you’ve been to, submitted and rated, and lets you interact with other travelers doing the same.

Don’t worry about needing WiFi to get WiFi either, it can store the map completely offline… as long as you remember to download it before you leave.

The app is free so download it and stop worrying about those pesky roaming charges. It’s available for download on the App Store or get it on Google Play store.


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