When you consider the huge variety of cruise ships and itineraries that are on offer it can be easy to be overwhelmed. We’ve asked some top cruise agents their tips and recommendations to make that sale extra easy.

Robyn Sinfield, Home Travel Company

What do you love about ocean cruising? A new country almost every day, variety within itineraries and days at sea.

What’s your favourite cruise line? I’ve learnt it’s not about the cruise line but the destination — where it’s going, and when you want to go. In saying that we all have a first love, and for me that will always be Seabourn.

Kathy Pavlidis, Travel Associates Kew

What do you love about ocean cruising? I love the way I can disconnect from the real world. Stay in beautiful accommodations, see amazing places, eat all my favourite foods and only unpack once.

What’s your favourite cruise line? I have a few favourites, but at the moment it is Regent Seven Seas as I have an upcoming voyage with them.

Deb Long, Weston Cruise & Travel

What do you love about ocean cruising? Unpack once. It’s a moving hotel room so you get a different view each day. Plus value for money as they include all meals and accommodation (and sometimes beverages).

What’s your favourite cruise line? Any of the all-inclusive lines. It’s too hard to choose as they all have their good points and so many different itineraries.

Brian Meads-Barlow, Donna Barlow Travel Group

What do you love about ocean cruising? Definitely the one day (or overnight) in each port, you get to see so many more cities. Plus having so many facilities around you.

What’s your favourite cruise line? It’s a tie between Seabourn and Windstar.


Top tips for selling:

1. Training, training and more training

Become an accredited CLIA agent, learn from your returning customers and take as many cruises as you can.

2. Build your relationships

With so many offers and promotions in the space, get to know your cruise line BDMs who want you to succeed and are there to help.

3. Know your client

Understand their likes and dislikes, preferences and expectations and tailor your recommendations of ships to them personally.

4. Promote the value

Build your database and share the knowledge that cruising is great value. A client who stays in a Four Seasons Hotel is a potential cruise client when presented with the right choices.

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