In the February edition of travelBulletin, we covered the topic of whether job seeking candidates ought to put a photo of themselves on their CV. In this edition, we take this one step further and speak with leading recruiters as to whether video CVs can help give candidates a leading edge.

Fad or useful marketing tool?

Opinions do vary as to the use of video CV’s with some saying it’s uncommon in the travel industry and others suggesting we’re likely to see more from the not-so-camera-shy members of the millennials and Z generations.

Melissa Schembri, director at C&M Recruitment told travelBulletin that “the way people are applying for jobs is changing and that any added extra information will advantage the applicant.”

However Schembri does concede that video CVs “are not the most common form of application at this stage.”

Kristi Gromm marketing manager for inPlace Recruitment believes a younger generation may sooner embrace this concept saying “as younger job seekers enter the market who have grown up in the digital era video CVs could be a great option for them.”

Video CVs might not be for everyone but if you’re applying for a customer facing role such as in sales, marketing, hospitality or retail, demonstrating you are confident and standing out from the crowd of paper CVs could give you a winning edge.

Top tips for creating a video CV:

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