Virgin Australia is now offering enhanced ancillary availability via Sabre Branded Fares, with the system allowing agents and OTAs to offer full visibility of VA products beyond basic fare rules. Ann Elliott, recently appointed as the airline’s general manager of corporate and industry sales, said the implementation of Sabre Branded Fares was recognition that many travellers today look at overall value than just the price alone. “While we continue to offer increased benefits across our fares, we also need to be able to cater to specific traveller demands. With Sabre Branded Fares we can ensure that each traveller gets the most from flying with us,” she said.

Sabre Branded Fares allow carriers to package additional features and benefits with their flights such as lounge access, baggage, additional loyalty points and more, according to Sabre vice president of air commerce Asia Pacific, Rakesh Narayanan. He said the Virgin Australia products, along with those of other carriers which had adopted Sabre Branded Fares, were now visible to more than 425,000 travel agents and OTAs utilising the Sabre travel marketplace. Agents using the Sabre Red Workspace can easily see the included ancillaries with each fare, while travellers using Sabre-connected OTAs also have access to the same branded fares and information displayed on the individual airlines’ websites. “We are going to see extraordinary levels of personalisation take off within the travel industry, and creative fare branding can be a great differentiator,” Narayanan said.


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