By Rick Myatt

Under the NSW Government funded scheme, travel industry businesses can consider hosting eligible trainees up to two years (or at the completion of their course) during their traineeship period to study Certificate III in Travel or Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism courses online while performing work duties at the same time. The cost of hosting a trainee is linked to the relevant industry award rates. It represents a no risk option for industry businesses seeking to engage new staff on a try before you buy alternative.

The introduction of this fantastic opportunity is collaboration among four parties, led by the Australian Travel Careers Council (ATCC), Hospitality Training Network, AFTA Education and Training, and AFTA Accredited Training Providers.

ATCC was formed two years ago and has a strong industry advisory board, chaired by the former AFTA chairman Ian Carew Reid, with a team of industry leaders, including, Rob Harrison of Qantas, Colin Hamilton of Helloworld, Phil Hoffmann of Phil Hoffmann Travel (deputy chair), Chris Hamill & Michelle Carpio of DriveAway Holidays, Sandra Chiles, Russell Butler, Sharon Hannaford and Dr David Beirman of UTS.

ATCC’S key mission is to seek ways to improve capacity and capability of our industry workforce by attracting travel career seekers from schools, colleges and universities while advocating on behalf of training policy improvements through close liaison with government bodies & industry practitioners.

ATCC’s key partner, Hospitality Training Network Ltd (HTN) is a leading group training organisation (GTO) with 30 years’ of successful experience in placing over 10 thousand apprentices into hospitality industry.

The Travel Traineeship program was launched last month with five successful candidates who are being employed by HTN. Their host placement process requires a mandatory “induction process” of a four week intensive preparatory course before they are made available for formal interviews with prospective host organisations. Once they join a host company they continue studying online while working to achieve their certification under AFTA Education and Training’s strict training guidelines throughout their traineeship journey until completion.

ATCC will also be introducing a Travel Ambassador program in early 2019. We will be requesting junior members from travel companies to accompany ATCC team on visits to schools and colleges to promote travel industry careers.

Members of the industry are invited to take advantage of ATCC’s initiatives to skill their current and future workforce or to attract a new generation of employees who are more aligned with contemporary client needs.

Contact Rick Myatt for further information on 0407 410 839 or email your EOI to [email protected]


Rick Myatt is the CEO of Australian Travel Careers Council (ATCC). He is also the director of AFTA Education and Training. In his current role, Rick oversees the quality & relevance of accredited qualifications relating to the travel industry. He represents ATCC & AFTA E&T on a number of boards, consultative working groups and industry advisory committees, providing advice on travel industry knowledge, skills needs, workforce and careers development and training matters.

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