As more and more unique accommodation offerings emerge, The Travel Corporation has responded by adding special options across its brands. Trafalgar has several fascinating choices for guests including a stay at Las Casas de la Juderia in Seville, Spain. The hotel is a complex of 27 houses and is dubbed as a city within a city. Guests are treated to Moorish-style courtyards and buildings, including a former palace where Columbus’ men stayed upon returning from America. Over in Ireland, travellers can stay at Ashford Castle. Situated on 350 acres, the 12th century castle has been partially restored as a hotel fit for royalty.

Over at Adventure World, guests are able to sleep out under the darkness of the South African sky. Arriving at sunset, travellers will be in for a magical night, sleeping outside at Lion Sands Game Reserve with only the milky way for light. The extraordinary experience is part of the African Romance itinerary.

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