Ctramadaorporate travel agencies are being required to provide more insightful information to their corporate clients with quicker lead times than ever before, but according to Tramada chief executive officer, Jo O’Brien, traditional reporting is not keeping up.

“Over the past few years, Tramada has invested heavily in the latest Business Intelligence (BI) technology, and our tramada® connect BI, provides a customised BI solution for travel agents including real time dashboards.

“Tramada recognised that if travel agents were going to survive and compete in an increasingly digital world, where the demand for data is relentless, they required an innovative tool to meet that need just that,” says O’Brien.

“BI is being used to take the complexity out of writing reports and putting information in the hands of the decision maker. tramada® connect BI allows agencies to make intelligent, factbased decisions; explain the past, predict the future and improve business performance.

“tramada®connect BI has already been implemented with 15 of our clients, and we’ve had excellent feedback, with one client reporting they have saved 10 days per quarter in productivity by using the system.”

The software automates data collection and aggregation; generates customised reports; and is easy to learn using modern drag and drop tools.

Dashboards are designed to visually display business information in real time in a visual or easy to understand format. Dashboards can also contain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to allow quick and clear examination of actual performance. Storyboards allows users to create slideshows with fully functional reports as well as text, images and videos.

“The module can be activated on an agent’s existing Tramada system that gives them these tools and the capability to use their data and compete on the global stage. It is easy to use, delivers a unique way of producing information that no one else is offering, and uses real-time data by being embedded in an existing tramada system.”

Travel agencies are transforming into lean, business-focussed organisations, striving to provide the best value for the lowest cost whilst maintaining profitability and engaged employees. A key component in achieving the right balance is often about reshaping and we knew we could produce a business intelligence module to do technology and systems to make sure they deliver the best possible value to the business.

“Within Tramada, reports can link to the actual bookings in real time. tramada® connect BI has over 47 different chart types to choose from. This means decision makers can easily compare values, and leads to an understanding of key information, trends and tracking KPIs.

“Business managers can access data in real time, schedule reports to capitalise on automation and leverage storyboards to collaborate with customers. As your business grows and your requirements change tramada® connect BI can scale and grow with your business.

“We think we have something special,” says O’Brien, “It’s scalable, robust and unique.”

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