Tramada University courses

Tramada Systems has this month introduced a number of technology advancements for the mid-office space it says are designed to motivate, engage, empower and recognise travel consultants.

An eLearning platform called Tramada University has been developed in partnership with award winning digital learning agency, Savv-e. Tramada University is an overhaul of its existing training courses, initially comprised of two courses — Tramada 101 and Tramada 102. Its development reduces consultant training time from an average of 20 hours to an expected average of five hours and uses methodology that reflects “how, why, where and when people use tramada, delivering and reinforcing key learning much more efficiently”.

The interactive Tramada 101 course contains six mandatory modules, centred on how to be a successful user of tramada. Tramada 102 has eight modules, and is targeted towards employees in finance, operation and management. Successfully completing the courses will see the agent become a Tramada Accredited Associate and/or Tramada Accredited Professional.

Tramada Systems’ Head of Operation, Education and Support, Brenton Fear told travelBulletin that agents completing the courses had the opportunity to be invited into education forums that would directly help influence the direction and strategy of the company moving forward.

A third course, aptly named Tramada 103, is already in the pipeline.

Complementing Tramada University is a tramada Workflow Assist, a helpdesk-like program that provides guidance through a series of pop-up balloons, notification bars and call to action buttons.

For newcomers and infrequent processes, the innovation will also include a collection of online ‘walk-throughs’ for a number of key workflows within tramada, such as processing refunds, adding new team members and clients, outstanding booking reports and logging a support request.

Fear said the new innovation were simple, easy and responsive to use.