WITH the establishment of IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) comes a better way for travel agents to manage flight bookings, while also allowing airlines to offer their products through multiple channels.

While companies that employ NDC options can offer personalised fares and customised bundle offers, Global Director of Product and Engineering for tramada Systems, Bjorn Bohme, says the travel technology company has been working to build a system for users designed to streamline and automate the post-booking process.

“In tramada, content from multiple booking sources is automatically merged into the booking it belongs to,” he said. “A booking in tramada can contain both NDC and GDS content, as well as Expedia TAAP content…there is no ‘shopping experience’ in tramada because the solution is 100% post-booking.”

According to Bohme, tramada-enabled TMCs and travel agencies can offer personalised fares and offers to their clients and travellers, while at the same time having “robust, scalable, secure, and automated post-booking process” such as the application of service fees and creation and sending itineraries and invoices, regardless of booking source.

tramada’s reporting option also offers agents the chance to compare GDS margins with NDC ones, allowing users to improve their overall margins by breaking down the information per bundle to more closely analyse. This approach to “structured data” is vital to personalising offers and data, says Bohme.

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