Switzerland has just witnessed the largest hotel renovation project in its history with the Burgenstock Resort completed after an eight-year billion-dollar project. Perched 450 metres above Lake Lucerne, the wellness and spa resort is located an hour from Zurich and offers spectacular views.

The resort has taken advantage of its unique location, using the lake to heat 80% and cool 100% of the property by pumping the water from below. During the renovation, the Burgenstock Resort used 25,000m2 of excavated dirt to recreate the site’s historic 1928 golf course for guests. In all, the property has four hotels, a health & medical centre, 12 restaurants and bars, 67 residence suites, a 10,000m2 alpine spa and a golf course.

Switzerland Tourism director Australia & New Zealand Mark Wettstein said wellness tourism was growing on average 5% a year in Switzerland and wasn’t expected to slow anytime soon. “The powerful combination of the country’s natural appeal sets the very foundation for its wellness offering. Coupled with health experts… more and more visitors are coming over for our highly beneficial and therapeutic health and wellness care, not just the ubiquitous basic pampering.”

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