Tame your collection of cords

IT might be a while before we’re travelling again, but the problem of tangled cords is something that will continue to be an issue for all of us who use multiple devices (with chargers, headphones and extra attachments, all of which come with their own cords just ready to get tangled up). Particularly during COVID-19, many of us are working from home and the office (and going between the two frequently), making a cable organiser a must, even while we’re not travelling.

There are a huge variety of electronic cable managers on the market, but BAGSMART’s organisers offer both slimline and regular options, meaning you can choose the right bag depending on how many devices and chargers you have. The elastic loops are perfect for cords, while the mesh zipped sections mean you can keep more precious devices or gadgets like wireless mouses more secure. There’s also slots for portable external hard-drives and SD cards.

Both the slim version and its larger big brother are made with water repellant nylon and semi-padded material to protect your cords and cables from everyday bumps and splashes, and come in a range of colours, available for purchase from Amazon.