Sabre to feed real-time flight data

Sabre last month claimed a GDS first, with the introduction of live data feeds from FlightGlobal which will put real-time information on airline schedules onto travel agent desktops worldwide. FlightGlobal collates information on more than 900 carriers worldwide, with the feed providing consultants with the confidence to make bookings for their clients based on data which takes last minute schedule changes into account.

Sabre Travel Network senior vice president of strategy, Wade Jones, said the initiative means “Sabre provides the highest level of schedule reliability to our global agency network for virtually every passenger flight around the world”. He said travellers and agents would “breathe easier” knowing they have the most accurate information at their fingertips.

The initiative continues a long-standing partnership between Sabre and FlightGlobal, with the technology ensuring that all schedule changes filed are instantly displayed in the Sabre platform. All flight data processed in the Sabre travel marketplace and through Sabre APIs for online travel sites and developers will also update dynamically as users shop for flights. Sabre said the increased schedule accuracy would also allow airlines to market more efficiently, as well as better managing seat availability.