Hong Kong Airlines has confirmed that it is now purchasing Sabre MIDT Network Plus data, as part of ongoing global aspirations which will see the carrier launch flights to Los Angeles this month, its first destination in North America. Under the data purchase deal, Hong Kong Airlines will be provided with data from Sabre travel agents worldwide, for all traveller origins and destinations where Hong Kong Airlines operates at least one segment of the traveller journey.

Part of Sabre’s AirVision Market Intelligence suite, MIDT (Market Information Data Tapes) enables carriers to analyse the market and traffic flows. The data provided also includes information on preceding and follow-on segments for the routes, helping the airline better understand passenger traffic patterns with the aim of developing its network to meet market demand, provide passengers with what they want and maximise revenues. MIDT provides access to both historical bookings and data up to 11 months in advance, which Sabre said enables airlines to measure the impact of new pricing, marketing or sales initiatives. “Analysts get a clear view of the developing trends along with the advanced knowledge of industry threats,” the company said.

Rakesh Narayanan, Sabre’s vice president of Air Commerce, said “through our sophisticated business intelligence tools, we are helping customers unlock deeper data-driven insights and adapt to changing market influences and trends. Hong Kong Airlines recognises the value of Sabre’s big data and intends to use the insights in their business decision-making, making improvements to marketing, revenue management, network and operational decisions.”

Hong Kong Airlines said it hopes to further expand its mainland US network after the Los Angeles debut. Assistant director Wayne Wang said “as a market leader globally with deep knowledge of North America, we are confident Sabre will provide us with critical insights that can help us with making the right informed decisions”.


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