WOW, what a trip of a lifetime this has been! So many, many highlights, it really is hard to pick a favourite moment!!

As our flight approached Kilimanjaro, we were super lucky to get some amazing views on approach to landing, with the pilot doing a figure 8 around Mt Kili.

Our first night with the Maasai tribes at Olpopongi staying in traditional Boma Huts, learning how they still live very much in a traditional way, even having a go at making fire with elephant dung and sticks (definitely giving the bi and triceps a workout!).

Possibly my best memory was our morning hunt with the Hadzabe tribe near Lake Eyasi — these men and women still hunt with bow and arrow, and will hunt anything from birds and mice to baboons and antelope. On our morning hunt, we did get a few mice and a bird, so off we went to make a fire and cook up our catch (and when in Rome….).

The wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater is unbelievable — so much in a small area, that the concentration of animals allows you to see so much in a short time!Not sure if I want to come home!!

From Carine Griffiths, MTA Travel

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