Orangutans & the Dayak

CROOKED Compass has developed a new itinerary that provides the opportunity to visit orangutans in the less touristy Indonesian Borneo — a location that hasn’t been ‘set up’ for orangutan tourism. The small group tour visits Camp Leakey in Tanjung Putting National Park, a former research station that now houses the largest population of orangutans in the world.

Guests travel and stay overnight on the Kumai & Sekonyer rivers in central Kalimantan in a deluxe houseboat of the Dayak tribe, whose people live by complex religious practices that involve numerous local spirits and omen animals. Travelling on the water means untouched tributaries can be reached, which means a less disturbed wildlife experience and improved odds of seeing exotic wildlife. In the jungle there’s also a chance of spotting gibbons, long-tail macaque and wild pigs.

Classed as ‘moderate’, the five-day itinerary operates round-trip from Pangkalan Bun on 2 September and is priced at $2,539 per person.