Oman’s status as a tourism destination to watch will get a boost next month when it hosts the World Tourism Conference.

The event will involve delegates from more than 150 countries from all around the world as well as from the Sultanate, focusing on 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism.

To cater to its rising tourist numbers, Oman’s Ministry of Tourism has committed to training 800 new guides by 2020.

An official told Times of Oman, “These tour guides will be trained to help promote human resources in the tourism sector and to strengthen the capacity of professional tour guides,” adding that Oman needed “more professional, responsible and ethical professional tourism guides” to meet strong growth.

The opening of the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in 2016 has been another crucial step in growing the Sultanate’s tourism industry. The centre will host the World Tourism Conference next month and has already staged 101 events in its first year, with more than 750,000 visitors making use of its 22,000m2 of exhibition space.

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