THE younger demographic is already leading the way in bookings of Ignite Travel Group’s new My Cruises River Collection, General Manager Michael Middleton has told travelBulletin.

The new product offering is already seeing dividends on its mission to dispel misconceptions about river cruising, with Middleton adding the presentation of the merchandise had thus far helped My Cruises win over non-conventional clientele.

Keen to allay misunderstandings that river cruising is costly and only caters toward older customers, Middleton said the changing nature of the industry and its product offering over the past 18-24 months showed the direction the sector is heading in.

“We’re actually seeing a younger demographic of passenger than we are on some of our ocean bookings,” he said.

“A lot of the river operators now are focusing on not just the standard style of travel; they’re offering more active shore excursions as well.”


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