THE first two of MTA’s travel agents have completed their MTA Professional Plus accreditation, with another 123 agents working towards finishing the program.

The MTA Professional Plus program has been developed by the company’s in-house training manager and is made up of nine core pathways, and two optional pathways.

These focus on a range of topics such as social media, corporate, cruise, air, land product, luxury, marketing, business and professional development.

MTA Professional Plus is designed to help further educate and support MTA agents in their businesses and overall improve their knowledge as travel advisors.

The two advisors, Sarah Fenton and Julia Campbell, took just five months to complete the program which only launched in late October last year.

MTA’s CEO Don Beattie noted that each pathway has been divided into three levels, and all the content is available on any device (and even offline). Assessments along the way test the agents’ knowledge and understanding of the various components.

“The assessment process is quite rigorous containing both theoretical and practical demonstration of understanding with annual maintenance modules required to maintain accreditation so it is no mean feat that both Sarah and Julia have completed the program in just five months,” Beattie said.

All agents who complete the accreditation program will be able to market themselves as ‘MTA Certified Travel Professionals’.

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