LinkedIn has solidified its place in the recruiter’s toolbox, with around 90% of companies now using it for recruitment purposes. However, with around 260 million users on the books, many are clouded with confusion when it comes to recruitment. Here are a few pointers to bring you up to speed.

Get advanced

LinkedIn for business does carry a price tag but the advanced search function is available even on the most basic level. Keyword searches bring up suitable jobs, but they also list potential candidates who can then be contacted directly using InMail and introduction requests. LinkedIn Business Plus costs $59.99 per month. A premium plan also exists for those companies constantly hiring, called Recruiter Lite and costs $119.99 per month. One month free trials are also available for all the paid plans.

Share status updates

Recruiters who are on the lookout can request that people in their network share status updates if anyone is searching for new opportunities. It’s the quickest way to find prime candidates without the hassle.

Join groups

LinkedIn groups allow users to find like-minded professionals, join discussions and share content relevant to their industry. Users can also create their own groups which will send updates to their daily feed when new content has been uploaded. Even if a member in the group isn’t the right person for the job, chances are they are likely to know someone who is.

Learn about potential candidates

The way potential candidates use LinkedIn can provide a sneak peek into their suitability in the role employers are looking to fill. The quality of their contacts and their interaction with others can be clear indicators of personality and ability. Also, the level of effort they’ve put into developing a complete profile can indicate their openness to considering new positions.

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