It’s Suki to really want this tool

WHEN describing his new business venture to travelBulletin, Suki founder Campbell Harris is quick to make sure travel agents are crystal clear on what the product is not.

“Suki is not a booking engine, it is purely a content search aggregation hub,” he emphasises, characterising the new platform as an exciting new way for advisors to save lots of time and become more efficient at a minimum of cost.

Launching to the market only last month, Suki offers the Australian travel trade more than 10,000 tours across land, river and ocean cruises from all over the world, all in the one place, driven by a powerful and intuitive search engine that can be triaged across price, availability, location and trip type, to name just a few.

“No other company in the world does that at the moment, there are some cruise aggregators and there are some tour aggregators, but nobody actually does all three for the B2B market,” Harris enthuses.

Suki has been introduced specifically with the challenges of remote and traditional bricks and mortar agents in mind, offering a valuable “add-on” assistance tool that can work in tandem with any booking platforms agents are already using.

“Agents can continue to book their trips and cruises how ever they book them now, they can continue to use the booking software or the CRM software they currently have because we know most agents already have that tech in place,” Harris said.

Campbell Harris, founder of Suki

Beyond its unique search aggregation capabilities, Suki also offers users results that link together land, river and ocean itineraries that can be quoted in a combined price, taking the leg work out of the typical brochure searching and numerous phone calls to operators that agents might usually need to engage in to get the best information for their clients.

But Harris explains that Suki’s search and quote tech is just part of the Suki story, with the platform also offering its own social chat ecosystem where agents can compare notes with each other all over the world to find the best product and deals for clients, as well as a range of other bells and whistles designed to make advisors even more of a travel expert.

These include access to stats and emerging trends in destinations globally, supplier reviews, custom search filtering, maps for all itineraries, and sharing functionality that enables trips to be circulated to clients in either hard copy or digital formats.

Suki can also be branded to the needs of each individual user, offering customisable colours and logos for agents so they can simply swing their screens around and share details directly with clients.

Suki is currently free to use until 30 June, at which time it will cost $10 a month to access.