BY Richard Hall

Crikey, how do you get so many visitors, we’re lucky to get this many a month? Did you say you get around 1,000 every day with no advertising or paying for adwords?”

Many website owners will relate to this. Having built an advertising site, I’m happy to show how it was possible to get this number without paying a cent.

Selling what customers are looking to buy is the secret to getting more sales and not necessarily from searching for your company name.

Here’s the secret. Have a website/page which delivers a search result for what people want to buy. Notice there is a difference to searching for your company name. Read that again.

‘Airfares’ is the highest travel search term with millions of results. Getting a first page listing is almost impossible, so narrow it down. Try cheap airfares or discount airfares. Get even more specific — ‘Airfares To Die For’, ‘Wallet Busting Airfares’. What about ‘cheap airfares to Bali’, ‘Discount airfares to Bali’, ‘cheap airfares Sydney to London’ for example. List all the popular destinations.

Each hemisphere will generate sales all year round, so if it’s quiet Down Under, it should be busy Up Over.

We’re recommending having two websites. One being your business name and the other for what you sell. Link them to each other. The second site must have a killer domain name.

Create a page for each offer/special inside your own company site but having a stand-alone site will bring more visitors.



Richard Hall has managed Australia’s only dedicated travel & tourism search engine with 50,000 websites and saw all their good (and not so good) features. Having built his own 100+ page site advertising travel products he discovered the secret to Search Engine Optimisation and obtained first page listings for many popular search terms. Hall is also the producer of an industry approved sales training program.

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