Is there much interest among Australians for travel to New Zealand?

THERE is always a strong demand for and interest in travelling to New Zealand amongst Australians. Not only does its proximity appeal in terms of accessibility and flying times but with such a strong and healthy trans-Tasman relationship and sporting history New Zealand is able to offer something of interest to all ages.

Which areas are most popular?

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the southern hemisphere and is extremely popular both in summer and winter due to the diversity of activities. Many people visit both Milford and Doubtful Sound, travelling south from Christchurch. Auckland is a gateway to the many attractions of the North Island including Rotorua, Taupo and Wellington which offer a range of sightseeing options.

Is there any particular time that is best or most popular to travel to New Zealand?

No, there is no time of the year that is decidedly more popular than another. New Zealand offers a full range of winter sport options, although the South Island is generally more popular for tourists during the winter months, than the North.

The summer months however see both islands attracting a vast number of visitors with warmer weather and longer days. Our summer school holidays here in Australia coinciding with Christmas make for an exceptionally busy time in New Zealand so booking early is imperative.

What do you love about New Zealand?

So much….I love the people and the fact that there is a keen sense of culture still alive, though this is less seen in the cities. I love the extremity of the topography from chilly winter oceans to temperate coastlines and towering mountains to volatile thermal springs. Nature is at her most powerful and most beautiful in New Zealand and it is humbling to experience.

With New Zealand such a close and easy destination for travellers, how can agents capture more sales?

Tourism New Zealand is a great resource for travel agents. The trade website has a bunch of online resources including a guide to provide you with the best tools to create a wonderful trip for your clients.

What advice do you have for other agents selling New Zealand?

Get over there if you can! New Zealand is so close and the holiday options are endless! It’s a destination for travellers of all ages and abilities.