The seat

Business class is sectioned into pairs with plenty of personal space allocated for each duo, and every seat feels very much like your own personal travel pod. Both the back rest and seat can be reclined separately to achieve an individual level of comfort, and a spacious amount of leg room enables you to really stretch out and, if you’re inclined, grab some shut-eye. Feeling relaxed and fresh is also easy with plenty of mint scented towels handed out by the friendly staff, as well as amenity kits stocked with face masks, lip balms and hand cream.


You are never short on entertainment with a plethora of movies, music, and games available at the touch of a conveniently located remote control. An adjustable flat screen moves to your optimal level of proximity, with comfortable headphones helping to forget you are even travelling. The film options hedge nicely between Hollywood blockbusters and Vietnamese productions that get you in the right cultural frame of mind for your holiday.

Food and beverages

Upmarket food options such as appetisers including smoked duck and grilled prawns are on offer, with stir-fried beef with peppers served up for mains. Those with a sweet tooth are also taken care of, with the decision to go with the black forest ice cream with or the selection of soft cheeses always a tough choice.

The service

Cabin staff were friendly and attentive to the needs of all passengers. You won’t have to reach out for too much however, because let’s face it, in VN’s Business class everything you need is at your fingertips.