HURTIGRUTEN has recommenced cruising mid-last month, becoming the first, and thus far only ocean cruise line to do so.

The newly updated Finnmarken disembarked on Hurtigruten’s original coastal voyage from Bergen, a 12-day itinerary which does not leave Norway’s waters.

The cruise travelled with mostly Norwegians and Danes on board, with Hurtigruten being the only cruise line to continue sailing throughout the pandemic, sailing two ships along the Norwegian coast.

Hurtigruten Chief Executive Officer Daniel Skjeldam was on board the first cruise, which saw the introduction of a range of health and safety initiatives.

“Gradually restarting operations in Norway is the natural first step towards a return to full operations,” said Managing Director Asia Pacific Damian Perry.

“This is also welcome news for our staff and crew returning to work, and the local communities we support along the coast.”