One of the greatest attractions of a drive holiday is the flexibility to spend as much, or as little time in one place and zip off at any moment, so it’s no surprise that the holiday habits and styles of travellers on a drive holiday vary greatly. Infinity Holidays has pinned down three fresh trends to watch out for.

The hub & spoke: Instead of racking up the kilometres venturing from one destination to the next, many travellers are opting to base themselves in one place and use the car to explore the area. This is especially popular in places like Tuscany and the south of France.

Rail & Road combos: Bundling road travel with rail can allow travellers to escape city congestion and get on the open road quicker. This is popular on routes such as from London to Bath. Rail can also be used to knock off a long stretch of travel, after which travellers can pick up a car to “hub & spoke”.

Motorcycle hire: There’s no reason drive travel needs to be restricted to four wheels. Adventurous clients may jump at the opportunity to hire a motorcycle and cruise into Las Vegas on a Harley.

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