COVID restrictions mean the festival may not go ahead this year, but travellers will hopefully still in the future be able to enjoy the unusual spectacle of the Underwater Music Festival, which is held at Looe Key Reef in the Florida Keys during July.

The festivities include costumed performers and mermaids playing artist-sculpted mock instruments such as a ‘manta-lin’ or a ‘trom-bonefish’, while a pre-selected radio playlist is streamed live from underwater.

A yellowtail snapper swims by participants pretending to play a local artist’s musical instrument sculptures at the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival Saturday, July 8, 2017, in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Big Pine Key, Fla (Bob Care/Florida Keys News Bureau)/HO

Of course the festival is best viewed under the waves, so make sure to book a spot with a local dive or boat operator, grab some fins and snorkel or dive down to take in the spectacle.