Adventurous travellers and fans of extended train journeys are in for a treat on Travel Director’s small group Epic Rail Odyssey itinerary from Moscow to Singapore. At 12,500km, the 34-day itinerary traverses a quarter of the earth’s land surface and encompasses eight countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore.

Designed to be more than a rail journey, the trip passes through vast steppes, deserts, mountain ranges and fertile valleys. The itinerary includes a mix of hotel stays and overnight rail sectors. Highlights of the journey include visits to the Aral Sea, Baikonur (the busiest space port in the world) and the Charyn Canyon, before entering China at Alatau where the train is raised by giant hydraulic lifts and the wheel bogies are changed to fit the narrow-gauge tracks used in China.

There’s also a high-speed train ride from Urumpi to Lanzhou that skirts the Gobi Desert, explorations of the Stone Forrest in Kunming, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, Penang’s Reclining Buddha and much more.

The one-off, fully-escorted Epic Rail Odyssey departure is limited to 24 guests, commencing on 5 September 2018 from Australia. It is priced from $18,950, which includes all flights.

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