Adventure World has placed an emphasis on even “less explored” regions with its latest 2018/19 dedicated Canada, Alaska & High Arctic brochure.

Catering for the experienced northern traveller, the latest portfolio attempts to traverse even more immersive experiences that, according to Adventure World’s managing director Neil Rodgers, “tends to include aspects of exploring indigenous culture”.

One marquee attraction in the itinerary is a list of floating lodge options that will well and truly make travellers feel embedded in the cold and icy environment, if not a little wobbly when they get back to land.

The ‘Great Alaskan Grizzly Encounter’ is another new feature of the arctic trip, one that sees tourists jump aboard a restored crab fishing boat to observe grizzlies in the wild along the Katmai Coast.

For those returning travellers who want something more physically demanding, a suite of land-based trips in Greenland has been added for the first time, allowing tourists with an appetite for ice walks the opportunity to head out on foot and trek to a boutique basecamp.

Additional experiences also include what Adventure World calls the ‘Arctic Big Five Safari’, which include the spotting of buffalo, moose, black bears, belugas and polar bears.

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