Earlier this year global IT company Unisys released a brand new product to bring peace of mind to pet owners all over the world.

CALLED ‘Digi-Pet’, this digital solution allows pet owners to continuously monitor and communicate with their pets travelling in the cargo-hold of a plane using their smartphone. It was devised to bring comfort to those who suffer the heartbreak and anxiety of leaving their pets alone in cargo holds, as well as allowing airlines to offer a smoother and safer animal transport process.

Using IOT technology and artificial intelligence to proactively monitor and measure the conditions of each animal, Digi-Pets aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals on board.

Using the Digi-Pet smartphone app, customers can make a booking with a number of approved airlines. The app also recommends suitable pet-specific kennels, equipment and service options such as special meals, which might improve the comfort and safety of the pet being transported.

In addition to the app, Digi-Pet utilises smart sensors attached to the pet’s kennel or carry case to monitor important factors such as temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light, and then transmit this information to the pet’s owner and airline staff. Owners can also chat to their pets through their smartphone by subscribing to live video streaming and voice exchanges.

Find out more at www.unisys.com.