Depression – Myths Versus Reality

BY Tim Hoopmann

Mental Health Spotlight

By Tim Hoopmann

We all feel sad, moody or low sometimes, it’s a normal part of life. If these feelings come and stay for more than two weeks it might be a sign that you have depression.
Depression affects one in seven people in Australia. It’s a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. It’s important to know that it is treatable and it’s worth reaching out and talking to someone about it.
There are lots of myths about depression, which have led to stereotypes about those with the condition. Debunking these myths is a key step in fighting stigma towards depression.
Here are some suggestions on how to strengthen your self-worth:
Myth #1
Being sad and being depressed is the same thing.
Depression is more than feeling sad or downcast. When those feelings persist for more than two weeks and you’ve lost pleasure in usual activities, you may be depressed. You will also be experiencing symptoms from three of these four categories: behavior, thoughts, feelings and physical.
Myth #2
It’s attention seeking
What some people view as attention seeking may well be a cry for help from someone who wants support but isn’t sure how to ask for it. On the other hand, there are many people who are depressed that will keep this information to themselves.
Myth #3
You can simply snap out of it.
It’s not a decision. People aren’t choosing to be depressed, so they can’t just flick a switch and stop experiencing depression. Like any physical injury or illness, depression requires treatment and support.
Support is available if you think you may be experiencing depression, or if you know someone that is. Seek help early.
Beyond Blue Support Service 1800 22 4636

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