CELEBRITY Cruises has announced a major change to its pricing, with a new approach called “Always Included”, meaning all fares will include wi-fi, drinks and gratuities as standard.

The cruise line has sought to put an end to the days of “confusing promotions, complicated add-ons and limited time offers”.

Vice President & Managing Director APAC Tim Jones said so far the industry has been enthusiastic about the pricing model, which aims to make life simpler for agents and customers.

“We came up with research among the consumer audience that found out there were certain elements that consumers just wanted included in the price of the ticket, and those are drinks, wi-fi and any service charges,” he said.

“It was interesting from our perspective, we wanted to see people who were both new to cruise, and new to our brand, and this element of inclusivity was specific to those people.

“What we’d been hearing from the trade was that our pricing proposition was too complicated, there were too many options and booking codes, but we’ve reduced that by over 50%.

“From a practical level for the trade, selling our product is now a lot simpler than it was before and that’s been embraced and welcomed”.

Celebrity has also upped its Australian commitment, with Celebrity Eclipse to make her debut in local waters in the 2021/22 season through 19 local voyages showcasing the region.

Developed through market research and partner feedback, Celebrity will offer a range of voyages in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The Sun & Beach Escapes, Food & Wine Classics and Five-Star Getaways packages are designed to deliver on broader themes Celebrity has identified as key drivers for short, luxurious getaways, Jones said.

“There’s a lot of work going into itinerary curation, how we tap into those different drivers and appeal & passion points for individual consumers, as well as how destinations rank in terms of appeal to customers so we’re able to position those appropriately,” Jones said.

“A lot of work goes into not just how long a cruise is and optimising duration, but the richness and diversity of the experience we can offer once there. It’s about how we stand out with our product by offering something a little bit different to what everybody else does.”

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