MIAMI-DADE County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa has joined cruise line executives in urging the United States’ Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to let cruising resume.

Sosa appeared on a Zoom meeting hosted by the County’s Tourism & Ports Committee, in which she blasted the CDC as being too slow to communicate with the industry.

She said she would be writing to the CDC and would be campaigning for Florida’s Senators to pressure the public health institute to respond more quickly to cruise lines.

“The problem is it’s not fair that the CDC is not paying attention and communicating with the cruise industry,” Sosa said.

“While other industries have been allowed to reopen in phases, the cruise industry remains totally shut down.

“In April, the CDC gave the cruise industry seven days to come up with a lay-up plan, and the cruise industry worked tirelessly and gave them the plan in seven days.

“The CDC took 14 weeks to somewhat respond to the plan that was presented.”


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