Adventure tourism in New Zealand is about to get a whole lot more intense with prominent bungy operator AJ Hackett planning a new thrill ride for next year carrying the working title, “Nevis Thriller”. While the purveyors of adrenaline-inducing entertainment are not broadcasting too many details just yet, the new attraction is set to incorporate elements of bungy, flight and unprecedented speed. Given the nature of its code name, the assumption is that the new ride will be terrifying tourists in the skies far above the serene Nevis River and joining the suite of rides the company already has in operation at the location.

Beyond the new top-secret project, AJ Hackett is also preparing to celebrate the 29th birthday of its Kawarau Bridge Bungy ride on 12 November of this year. The attraction, referred to as the World Home of Bungy by most daredevils, costs NZ$205 per adult (approx A$185) which includes transport, a certificate and a congratulatory t-shirt to prove you had the guts to go through with the jump. Last year the Kawarau Bridge Bungy convinced 42,000 tourists to jump off its bridge and recorded 450,000 visitors to the site in the same period.

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