One of the founders of Bunnik Tours, Marion Bunnik, is gearing up for a bumper 2018 as she prepares to escort a departure on 24 August 2018 to Canada’s Northwest Passage and West Greenland. Bunnik’s trek to Greenland will be in conjunction with One Ocean Expeditions.

The avid polar traveller will commence her tour from Edmonton, Alberta’s provincial capital city, before flying to Cambridge Bay in Nunavut aboard a charter flight. Once in Cambridge the tour group will sail to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland where the trip concludes.

Along the voyage, the group will chart a course into the Northwest Passage to Conningham Bay, a known hotspot for polar bears who come to feast on Beluga whales. The ship will navigate the narrow passage of Bellot Strait and the historic site of Fort Ross on its way to Beechey Island.

At the conclusion on the trip, travellers will take a charter flight to Ottawa where they either continue on a post-tour or fly home to Australia. In Marion’s case, she’ll go on to escort a tour to Ontario and Quebec. The 13-day Canada’s Northwest Passage and West Greenland tour is priced from US$11,395 per person.

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