AURORA Expeditions is going above and beyond to assure clients that their money is safe, confirming that all deposits are now being placed in an escrow account which can only be used to pay expenses related to a passengers’ voyage. The measure was announced last month by Aurora’s new CEO, Monique Ponfoort, along with other booking encouragements including a comprehensive policy allowing cancellations if cruisers are unable to obtain COVID-19 insurance coverage.

The moves coincided with the unveiling of Aurora’s second ship, the Sylvia Earle, which is now expected to join the fleet in October next year. A sister ship to the Greg Mortimer, the new vessel has a number of design tweaks including a new forward-facing lounge near the bow giving cruisers uninterrupted vistas of the landscapes through which they are voyaging. Aurora has also unveiled details of itineraries for the 2021/22 season, taking in the Russian Far East, Baja California, Raja Ampat/West Papua, the Northwest Passage, Alaska and of course the North and South polar regions.

A brown bear & her cubs walking along the shore of Kuril Lake in Kamchatka, Russia, one of the destinations the new itineraries for 2022 visit, sailing onboard Aurora Expeditions’ Sylvia Earle ©Richard I’Anson

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