ENTIRE Travel Group has been hard at work the past month, rolling out a new industry-first booking solution and a Peace of Mind booking plan.

Allowing travel advisors to seamlessly customise, quote, and book its full range of independent holiday packages, the booking solution is available 24/7 with real-time pricing.

The new software allows agents to tailor Entire’s suite of hundreds of independent packages across 28 destinations, all of which are pre-designed, independent holidays which depart daily.

Prioritising simplicity and flexibility, agents can choose a package & room type, add essential details, and select from a range of Freedom of Choice options, which are included in the package price.

A booking can also be further enhanced through the inclusion of optional extras, and quotes include gross pricing, day-to-day itinerary details, and a ‘book now’ link, which automatically loads the quote for reservation on the website.

Sales & Marketing Director Greg McCallum told travelBulletin Entire’s desire to evolve its product stemmed from the industry’s move toward further elasticity for both agent and client.

“We wanted to have a solution which was servicing the agents 24/7,” McCallum said, “and what we’ve delivered is the fact that for any date range the travel agent selects, we’re offering the real time pricing for that package.

“The next layer of flexibility for travel agents is the speed and accessibility for them to work this out themselves whenever they need it, without having to wait for office hours.”

Managing Director Brad McDonnell said the new booking solution also made Entire an easier proposition on both the agent and supplier side.

“From an efficiency, from a speed of transaction point of view, we just think that we’re going to be highly desirable because we are easy to deal with,” he added.

“That was something which we’ve always talked about, ‘let’s be the easiest partner to deal with’, whether it’s for travel agents in Australia, whether it’s our suppliers overseas”.

All packages are fully supported by the new Peace of Mind booking plan, which provides consumers with a full refund for COVID-related pre-departure cancellations, and still ensures the agent is paid full commission.

“For our travel agent partners it is a win-win because it enables them to book our holiday packages with total confidence, knowing that neither they nor their clients will be out of pocket if COVID conspires to cancel the holiday,” McCallum added.

Entire Travel Group’s Brad McDonnell and Greg McCallum.