Amadeus is now offering its online travel agent customers access to a new ‘Visual Website Optimiser’ (VWO) service in partnership with Wingify, a platform that helps travel providers analyse how customers interact with their websites and make “data-driven decisions” to boost the look-to-book ratio – said to be critical as prospective travellers are faced with an ever-increasing variety of online booking options.

India-based Wingify is claimed to be one of the top three global software providers specialising in A/B testing – a process that compares two versions of a web page to determine which one performs better in terms of a defined conversion goal.

Other companies that have used Wingify to improve their online experience include KPMG, Samsung, Hyundai and Toyota. Wingify spokesman Sparsh Gupta said website testing and optimisation can be a significant differentiator for companies in highly competitive markets – such as the Asia-Pacific travel industry. “By using the insights and proven statistical results to address the leaks and improve their websites, businesses can see returns in the form of higher conversion rates and increased revenue,” he said.

Amadeus’ head of online travel, Sebastien Gibergues, said “we are committed to adding greater business value for our OTA customers, by equipping them with the technology, solutions and services they need to stay ahead of consumer demands. Our focus is to collaborate with the best technology and travel providers in the world to power the travel ecosystem and bring the best travel experience to consumers”.

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