Amadeus expands analytics

Amadeus has launched a new Productivity Tracker system which aims to gather data to provide travel agency managers with information about how to improve the performance of their businesses. The company said one of the biggest challenges in trying to improve an agency’s performance can be getting the right information at the right time, relying on reports from disparate systems and sometimes outdated information. Part of the Amadeus Agency Insight suite, Productivity Tracker has the ability to highlight “process inefficiencies,” as well as highlighting what contributes most to overall booking and revenue so managers can better determine where to allocate resources.

“Across the travel industry, innovation and disruption is happening quicker than we have seen for many years — travel agencies must adapt accordingly,” said Amadeus Head of Travel Intelligence, Pascal Clement. “Productivity Tracker enables agencies of all sizes to do this by providing them with actionable insights on their performance, which they can then use to sharpen their business processes and strengthen their position in a competitive market.”

Every stage of travel agency operations is covered in the software’s extensive report catalogue, from creation of initial bookings, through to ticketing and then flown revenue, along with all stages in between. Individual users can customize the display of reports and download them in a variety of formats, enabling staff at all levels to analyse the most relevant information. Amadeus Productivity Tracker is also web-based, meaning managers can monitor their agency’s performance at any time and anywhere.