BY Jill Schoolenberg

A successful travel agency provides services that people want: reliable, professional travel services, along with informed advice that makes for an unforgettable trip. To help increase your chances of success, an effective online strategy which aligns a website and social media could help your business grow by reaching and engaging both new and existing customers.

Individually, websites and social media can be very beneficial channels. Working together, however, they could be even more effective. Here are a few ways to help align your website and social media strategies, to help make the most of your online presence.

Build a consistent brand story

Tied together, a website and social media page can be used to build a consistent digital image for your business. Think about the brand story for your travel agency you want to create: do you want to be informative? Witty? Inspiring? Something else? Once you have decided, it’s important to ensure that your story is consistent across every channel, from your business’ website to its Instagram feed. Maintaining consistent content that reflects your business’ brand also helps ensure your clients easily recognise your brand across any platform.

Choose social media platforms with your audience in mind

To identify the most effective social media platforms for your travel agency, take some time to consider your audience. If you’re looking to communicate directly with clients, Instagram and Facebook can be great choices. However, if you’re looking to increase engagement with professional contacts such as hotels, airlines or sponsors, you might want to try LinkedIn. Once you have identified the social media platforms to reach your desired audience, you can develop your strategy to be fully aligned.

Create shareable content

Engaging content on social media that encourages people to like, comment and share can be a great way to boost your presence and steer traffic to your website. Whether this content features images of Tahiti’s stunning beaches, or a blog post on the best galleries to visit in Paris, creating engaging content can encourage people to visit your website.

When your business brand is aligned and your social media and website complement each other, your online services can reach more people and become more memorable as a result.

So, with the Australian summer upon us and people thinking of exotic holidays, why not take a few moments to think about how an aligned website and social strategy could help promote your brand and grow your travel agency.

Jill Schoolenberg is the Regional President for Australia, Canada, Latin America at GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs. For simple tech solutions to help make your life as a business owner easier, visit

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