TRAVEL payments provider AirPlus International has made a commitment to increasing agents’ productivity and streamline processes by signing a new partnership with travel management system provider Tramada Systems.

Under the new venture, AirPlus will receive full access to Tramada’s latest technology platform, which aims to offer agents more convenience, increase their productivity and ensure seamless feeds between applications.

The new Tramada AirPlus File Export program offers 10 variable data fields, giving customers capability to capture the data required for expense management. The system also uses configurable data fields, allowing customers to capture specific information on each transaction, identify and code it and simplify the reconciliation process.

“Our agencies’ corporate clients have ever-increasing data requirements when it comes to expense management,” said Susan Enners, country manager Australia and New Zealand for Tramada Systems. “We are delighted to partner with AirPlus to deliver additional enhanced data fields to meet and exceed those customer requirements. Furthermore, it reaffirms our commitment to integrating with world-class technologies that streamline processes, saving agents time and money.”

David Newington, commercial director APAC for AirPlus International said the company was excited to offer customers a new way to increase productivity. “Variable fields were an important factor in the enhancement of the booking process for the travel agency side and we are delighted to have solved this with Tramada…this is great news for our customers and partner travel agencies in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.


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