travelBulletin sat down with Back-Roads Touring’s Dennis Basham to find out how agents can improve their sales.

How can travel agents improve their product knowledge of Back-Roads Touring?

Back-Roads Touring has an amazing team of business development managers nationally who would love to hear from you to lock in training. Use our experienced team who can help you convert sales. We also suggest simply flicking through our brochure, agents will be surprised to see a range of destinations they didn’t realise we offered.

What kind of training is available to Australian agents and how can they sign up for it?

We believe the best training is to experience the product therefore we offer a sell 12 get 1 free tour incentive. If agents are not on track for this we offer up to 50% off our tours for agents and great companion deals.

What is the advantage of travelling in a small group over a larger tour bus?

The truth is you can’t appreciate the landscape or architecture of a country from a dreary motorway. This is why we take the scenic back-roads to reach each destination. Our mini-coaches’ large windows allow you to admire the spectacular landscapes that you pass through along your way.

What makes Back-Roads Touring unique?

The feedback we receive is our intimate groups allow our expert tour leaders to dedicate time to each and every one of our guests. Whether they are travelling as a couple, with friends or individually, our small group tours bring together like-minded individuals to share dinner tables, experiences and memories in the making.

How can travel agents join a famil?

Back-Roads Touring runs a number of famils per year with various preferred partners and to be considered agents simply need to express their interest with their business development manager. Our agent incentive and offers are available across our UK, Europe and Asia tours.

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