THE Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has moved to become more directly involved in the education arena, appointing Melinda Larkin to the newly created role of Head of Education and Training.

Starting her tenure late last month, Larkin is tasked with helping lead and drive education and training outcomes for the travel industry on a national basis.

She has previous experience working with Family Business Australia, Services Skills/SkillsIQ, the Australian Council for Private Education and Training and the Australian Retailers Association, and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Speaking with travelBulletin about the appointment, AFTA Chief Executive Jayson Westbury said the new role was needed because the organisation felt it was time to apply “a dedicated senior management resource” to the area of education and training.

“We are very dedicated to this area of policy and the appointment of a full-time senior manager will enable us to have a strong foot on the accelerator and keep pace with the ever changing face and needs of industry and the E&T sector,” Westbury said.

Key objectives of Larkin’s new position will include ensuring that the current Cert III Travel is up to scratch and that the current content is in line with industry needs.

Furthermore, AFTA wants to press ahead and develop and implement the content needed for the soon-to-be-announced Cert IV in Travel which will elevate the skills needs of those currently in the industry, but also allow others to increase their academic knowledge with job-relevant skills for the future.

Melinda Larkin

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